Greek Myths & Legends Show

Val & Halla, The Vicious Vikings

Vapours, Viaducts & Velocities

Scrooge's Victorian Christmas

Markmark Productions believes that theatre can be a powerful tool for the personal development of all children. Building on earlier learning goals in communication, language and literacy Markmark has created its own unique style of Instant Theatre, specifically aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils. However all the shows can be successfully adapted to Key Stage 3.

These comic pieces of story theatre involve the children actively participating in the performance, alongside the professional cast members, with the set, costumes and music all provided by the company.

Find Out MoreChildren’s creativity, understanding and imagination are stimulated by their active involvement as the drama unfolds. Speaking lines and portraying characters, within the framework of a structured performance, fosters development of both oral language and body language and increases pupils’ confidence in expressing themselves.

And it's also fun!

Instant Theatre