Greek Myths & Legends Show

Val & Halla, The Vicious Vikings

Vapours, Viaducts & Velocities

Scrooge's Victorian Christmas

Each production is set in a particular period of history and addresses learning standards criteria as defined by the National Curriculum. Whether it is the Greek Myths and Legends or the Lives and Times of the Vicious Vikings, the personalities and scientific developments of the Industrial Revolution or Scrooge’s Victorian Christmas, these interactive story-telling shows offer lively, practical and fun ways for students to develop their literacy, citizenship and drama skills as well as learning historical detail.

Each of these shows lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. They can be performed to single classes or to whole school groups. We perform either two shows per day or one show and one workshop. Why not share the cost of the show by splitting the day with another local school?

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