Places We've Performed

Over the past 17 years markmark have performed at over 1500 festivals, events and theatres. At some point soon we will be performing our 4000th show. Here are some of the places we have worked - from the smallest to the tallest.

  • Festival de Theatre Aurillac : South of France.
  • Watch This Space National Theatre
  • Manchester International Festival
  • Festival of Fools Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Strasstheatre 99 Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Dusseldorf British Culture Festival Germany
  • Stadfest Germany
  • La Fete de Theatre Paris France
  • Euro 96
  • Queens Hall Trinidad West Indies
  • Manchester Commonwealth Games
  • Sheffield Student Games
  • Cheltenham Literature Festival
  • Sherwood Forest Robin Hood Festival
  • Jorvik Viking Festival York
  • Cardiff Harbour Festival
  • Rochester Dickensian Festival
  • Street Acts Festival Richmond
  • Georgian Theatre Royal Richmond
  • The Dukes Theatre Lancaster
  • Wakefield Theatre Royal
  • Tall Ships Events, Tynemouth, Portsmouth, Wallasey,
  • West Yorkshire Playhouse
  • Brighton Festival
  • The Thames Festival London
  • Arts Alfresco Market Harborough
  • Stockton International Festival
  • Harrogate International Festival

The Busketeers mid-busk!

Robin Retired at The National

Recommendations & Partners



We have been working alongside these organizations and are developing new work in partnership with…

The Jorvik Viking Centre The Georgian Theatre The Dukes TheatreThe Cooper Gallery

The Jorvik Viking Centre
The Georgian Theatre Richmond
The Dukes Theatre Lancaster
The Cooper Gallery Barnsley


What our clients say

The Maniax at The National

Val & Halla“Once again, an excellent contribution to the theatre open day.”
Laurence, Theatre Manager, Middlesbrough Theatre

“A HUGE thank you for making this year's festival so successful.”
Izi Banton, Site Manager, Sherwood Forest Country Park

“Thank you for helping make this year's event such a success. We had lots of positive feedback, both from the public and from Councillors and dignitaries.”
Richard Buxton, Arts and Events, Nottingham City Council

A Christmas Carriage“Thank you for making the Stowmarket Christmas Spectacular so successful. Scrooge and the Christmas carriage was very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed.”
Malcolm Baker, Town Clerk

“Your show went down a storm and we will certainly be looking for you to join us next year.”
Sally Devereux, Show and Event Manager, Newark and Nottinghamshire County Show

“Thank you for performing “A Christmas Carriage” at this year's event. We had record crowds of over 40,000 and your show was a very amusing highlight.”
Dianne Rivers , Entertainments and Events, Birmingham City Council

Education Work

Instant Theatre in action“Many thanks for your Shakespearean workshops at Oakwell Hall and for making the venture so successful. This was probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of the children (and probably adults) involved.”
Joanne Catlow, Community Education Officer, Kirklees Metropolitan Council

“Wonderful! Highly appropriate for the mixed ability of the pupils involved. Excellent content and pace.”
Andrea Tindle, R M Grylls Middle School

“Very well organised and controlled. The children really enjoyed the day and approached subsequent lessons on Shakespeare with much more enthusiasm…”
Mrs Bolland, Whitechapel Middle School

“We really enjoyed your production of Romans on the Rampage. The children loved the full involvement and it really helped bring the topic alive…”
Val Collinson, Goathland School

“Thank you very much for the educational and highly entertaining workshop on Greek Myths and Legends. The children enjoyed it so much…”
Ray Rymer, Deputy Head, Burton Road Primary

“Absolutely marvellous!!”
Wiltshire Heritage Museum

Greek Myths & Legends

“Thank you for a great play and I liked it best when Martin dressed up as Princess Helen…” Carly aged 8, Burton Rd School

“…I loved the bit when Martin dressed up as a girl. He looked funny. Thank you for a good time…” Sally aged 8, Burton Rd School

“I enjoyed the play but I prefer to get dressed up as a man thank you. It was good…" Martin aged 8, Burton Rd School

“Thank you for the wonderful play. I played Penelope and I really liked it very much. I really liked Emma as a sheep…” Rebecca

“It was funny to be dressed up in the play. I liked it when Rebecca was a princess. I think she was funny. I was a goat…” Emma aged 8 and a half

“I liked the best bit when I was a siren. I was aching from laughing a lot…” Sarah aged 8, Burton School

“Thank you for a wonderful time. I liked it when I was playing a part in the show. It was the goodest day in my life...” Mickey aged 7

“My favourite bit was when I was Odysseys. It was the best day I have ever had….Yours fathfully…” Mathew 8+1/2


“Thankyou for doing your plays. They were so cool. I liked it when Simon put the dress on it was so funny every one laughed..yours sencily...” Cinderella aged 8

“The play was fantastic + brilliant. I wish you could come again but you are proberbly too busy…” Natalie aged 7

“I am writing to say that your play was the best play I have seen in all of my life. I have never seen Mrs Morrell my teacher laf like that.” Emma Class 5

“Thank you for the pantomime. It was very very good. I was 1 of the ugly sisters. My mate Billy was the other sister. All of our class thinks you’re the best pantomime players we have ever seen. It’s a pitty my brother wa’snt there…” Christopher, Grimethorpe

Shakespeare & Stage Combat

Stage Combat in action“I had a fantastic time and so did the rest of the class. I particularly like playing Laertes, sword fighting and walking around scowling…” Sally, Cleckheaton

“I had a lot of fun learning about Shakespeare. I had always thought the plays would be really boring but they were great. I particularly liked the stage combat part…” Azaria, Whitechapel School

“The sword fighting was very exciting and energetic. I really enjoyed acting and I called our teacher a cream faced loon…” Alex, Whitechapel School

“I loved the sword fighting. The best part was when I got to kill out teacher and she shouted ‘Oh the humanity’…then dropped onto the floor…” Jennifer, Cleckheaton Middle School

“The fencing was very interesting and lots of fun. It was much harder than I thought it would be. I think I will enjoy Shakespeare and his plays much more now.” Lydia, Whitechapel School